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Now you need financing to turn the idea into something tangible

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This is the hard part behind every stage of a business – rooting, growing, and venturing into new field. This move is the rite of passage to both success and failure.

No matter you are a startup (every business starts with an idea) or a investor at a point where a traditional lenders or investors would be interested in, collection of paychecks is no longer an option of source of funding, leaving the option of selling cherished assets, borrowing against your home, asking loved ones for loans, and maxing out credit cards. These are risky at not only your personal finances but also your relationship with friends and family.

It’s the right time to seek professional advisory to help your business to obtain the source of fund. Banks and financial institutions have various policies to lure their target customers so as their package of financial products. Our financial consultants have close working relationship with Hong Kong prestigious banks and financial institutions to help sourcing the most affordable funding for you and accessing their financial services effectively.

Below is an overview of our assistant of financing and funding services:

Overview of AsiaBC Financing & Funding Services as a part of our entrepreneur Relocation by Asia Business Centre.

Overview of AsiaBC Financing & Funding as a part of our entrepreneur Relocation by Asia Business Centre.

Bank account + Your Idea = the essence of a business

Nevertheless, profit-making is the only goal of business activities.

With AsiaBC consultation, we help you to get the business checking account that your business needs, along with investment options in Hong Kong and other offshore jurisdictions. Apart from banks, AsiaBC also works with licensed finance leasing companies.

Please contact us for any banking and financial support.

  • Corporate Bank Account Opening Arrangement

    No matter what type of business you operate, it is likely you will need to open a bank account to keep business income separate from personal or other types of income.

    AsiaBC works with banks in Hong Kong and other offshore jurisdiction, our supporting services are as follows:

    • Select the bank(s) that fit your needs
    • Prepare for the document you need to open an account
    • Arrange the meeting with the bank
    • Apply for online banking services
    • Collection of bank letters

    Banks in Hong Kong adopts the Know-Your-Client (KYC) policy so they require the present of account’s beneficial owner(s) to meet with bankers in Hong Kong.

  • Loans Assistant

    AsiaBC assists clients to obtain various loans for cost effectiveness in Hong Kong.

    • Revolving Loan Facility
    • Personal Loans
    • Home-equity Loan
    • Property Financing
    • Mortgage

You may be interested in knowing more about the bank and finance environment in Hong Kong, you are recommended to visit “Business Guide to Hong Kong” section.

Act now! We can support your business to go through financial difficulties.