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Global sourcing is a business strategy for enterprise to outsource their business operations to external suppliers in foreign countries for cost saving. To implement procurement strategies to ensure the quality of services and goods, global enterprises have established their sourcing offices in several manufacturing countries.

AsiaBC is a Hong Kong based sourcing agency, we partner with a number of global purchasing firms, especially in the mainland China, which can provide tailor-made sourcing and supplier verification services for global buyers in faster, cheaper and easier approach. For worldwide buyers, our purchasing agencies is your reliable partners to cope with the most challenging business environment.

The brief of our purchasing agency services are as follows:

Overview of Global Sourcing Agency Services as a part of our Entrepreneur Relocation by Asia Business Centre.

Overview of Global Sourcing Agency Services as a part of our Entrepreneur Relocation by Asia Business Centre.

How can we help?

Our expertise mean your benefit.

  • Seek

    We seek the suppliers based on your business requirement.

  • Screen

    We reach the reliable suppliers which have proven track records.

  • Manage

    We manage and monitor the end-to-end sourcing and production processes.

  • Assure

    We delivery high quality and low cost products under your specifications.

AsiaBC caters the challenges from which every buyers need to overcome:

  • supplier identification and prequalification
  • quotation management
  • product development and testing
  • contracting suppliers
  • quality control management
  • logistics management
  • payment management
  • supplier relationship development

What can we do?

2 typical approach to fit your business models.

You may decide on the feasible business models base on your organizational objectives, AsiaBC can support your sourcing process in various forms, below is 2 typical approach for your reference:

Trading Company

Incorporate a limited company in a low-tax, customs duty-free, and free-trade jurisdictions (e.g. Hong Kong) for intermediary trading activities, this company is positioned itself as a re-seller: it buys goods from supplier and sells them to your downstream companies, it makes profit on the product being sourced and thus settle the tax liabilities in this region.

Sourcing Service Provider

Contract an external sourcing service provider as middleman, the provider charges service fee in either form of commission basis or fixed price (or mixed commission and fixed fee) for the overall management in the processes on your behalf.

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